Capabilities are a way of installing a set of Prompts, AI Functions, Expanders, and Scripts into a Montag system that work together to provide some sort of capability to enhanc your AI-powered bots or specialised Smart Functions.

How do they work?

Cpaabilities consist mainly of a manifest file in json called capability.json, and it will outline the various components that make up the capability. The capability itself is distributed as a zip file, and within it may have a combination of the following:

  • capability.json: The manifest file that describes the capability
  • prompts/: A directory containing prompts
  • scripts/: A directory containing scripts
  • regex/: A directory containing regexes for expanders

How do I install a capability?

To install a capability, download the zip file from the capability provider, and then go to the “Capabilities” section of the Montag UI. From there, click “Create Capability” and select the zip file you downloaded.

You may need to set some options for the various components such as LLM Config, Embed Config, and Vector store, as well as an assigned namespace, but these are all optional. Read the capability file, or the description that comes with the capability to determine what options need to be set.

Once you create the cpaability, it will install on your system and the various components be made available.

How do I remove a capability?

Capabilities can be uninstalled by going to the “Capabilities” section of the Montag UI, and clicking the “Delete” button next to the capability you wish to remove. This will remove all the associated objects from the database.

Montag will then install the capability and make it available for use.