Montag.AI Documentation

Key Components

Montag is a system made up of 2 core components:

  1. The Montag server: this provides all the key functionality
  2. PostgresDB: Stores configuration, analytics, and other data

Additional Dependencies

In order to be of any use, it has some additional dependencies:

  1. Some kinf of LLM access, the easiest would be OpenAI’s API (you will need an API Key)

Optional Components

For extended capability, Montag has additional services that make it much more useful, these are provided as docker containers:

  1. Friday - A web scraper that can be configured to periodically scrape whole sites for content. Friday makes use of Go-Rod (a headless browser service) that can also be deployed via docker.
  2. lc_tool_server - A vectorising microservice that can use almost any embedding model that supports huggingface transforms.
  3. yt_getter - A microservice that will fetch transcripts from Youtube videos
  4. reranker - a microservice that provides reranking functionality to improve RAG performance in your Montag instance.

These services are documented independently elsewhere. None of them are required to make use of Montag.