Montag.AI helps you and your teams build AI applications quickly, safely and effectively

We provide AI enablement all in one place, with our AI Developer Portal, and AI-as-a-Service platform capability.
Bring generative AI to your enterprise with confidence. Montag powers AI services within Tyk, and is used in production to drive productivity while providing safe and managed AI adoption.


Q & A

Montag.AI is provided as a self-managed application during the beta period, and may be available as a SaaS offering in the future.

Montag requires minimal resources and will run on any standard linux-enabled cloud VM that can run Docker. Montag uses Postgres as it's preferred database, but can be deployed with SQLite for non-production uses.

No, Montag.AI enables access to Open Source LLMs by integrating with the OogBooga REST API, Ooga is a powerful LLM runner that is available on most popular GPU-cloud vendors.